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We are an educational portal for managers!
Made for you who are in the Business Administration area.

Here, we teach you how to make fast, data-driven decisions. In addition to delivering unique knowledge about entrepreneurship and decision making, we bring you insights and smart strategies with the help of technology.

Learn and learn more about us:

• Portal with free content on intelligent management
• Educational videos on AI, Machine Learning, Data Driven and more, with easy to understand for business application
• Approved and supported by those who understand the subject

Ways to participate

• Be a columnist
• Participate in the Flying High Startup Program
• Take exclusive courses
• Take our consultants to your Startup
• Participate in our events

believe in the power of
your data

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We use technology to our advantage.

With exclusive and easy-to-understand content
we can take it to anyone and anywhere,

everything that is new within the technology and that involves data.

Various subjects such as: Machine Learning, Data Driven Culture, Microsoft Applications and Artificial Intelligence, are topics covered in our articles and training so that you, the reader, can learn quickly and with quality.


Great references in every subject.

With the collaboration of our columnists, Gestão com Data delivers content that informs, educates and adds to leaders, managers and entrepreneurs in different segments, including startups, e-commerce, hospitals, schools and so on.

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Partnership and care involves us.

Experienced founders with a wide range of knowledge to share. With the principle of bringing data intelligence to different businesses, using direct and rich communication, Caio Amante and Letícia Carvalho designed this project in detail, so that each user can feel satisfied and, at the same time, enrich the portal with news .

let yourself
for the data

Testimonial of who supports
o Data Management.


Letícia Carvalho

Being able to be part of this project as one of the thinking heads, which focuses on details in the user experience and communication, is very significant for my career and as a personal project.